automated(?) copyright notice on HELOpg video

from HELOpg email communications:

Scott Hewitt
5 March 2012 15:40

I have received a copyright notice about the video
Anyone using source material they do not have permission for??
There is a mastered sound around 5 mins and perhaps other later.
All the best

Samuel Freeman
5 March 2012 15:56
I wasn’t there for that recording…
very interesting that that has happened: what did the notice say?

Adam Jansch
5 March 2012 15:57
I’m watching through now. Interestingly, the page says that the Artist is Jon Flores… maybe it’s an algorithmic matching error?

Scott Hewitt
5 March 2012 16:02

Your video, HELOpg – 2011-01-20-helopgres-mix , may include content that is owned or administered by this entity:
Entity: DigDis Content Type: Sound Recording

Thats all they say I think there is a sample around 5-6mins

Adam Jansch
5 March 2012 16:05

The audio between 5′ – 7.30′ is from Tape Findings (specifically here: tapes/weektwentyseven.html), so I’d be surprised if that’s a problem.


Adam Jansch
5 March 2012 16:07
There is also a screeching cello sample that comes in around 11’30 – that is probably from one of my own recordings.


Sam Birkhead
5 March 2012 17:41 ?

Julian Brooks
5 March 2012 20:14
Pretty confident after checking his page
that I wouldn’t go within 10 feet of any of his tunes.

See you in court mofo.

Where’s the copyright notice stuff?

Sam Birkhead
5 March 2012 23:34

I think this is the track YouTube thinks is sampled.

Released on undercool productions

There’s someone called Albena Flores on the digdis distributions site.

Has the copyright owner actually submitted this pull down request?

Do we have the multitrack session for this track? I’m sure it’s a to be album track.

I’m done investigating now!

Samuel Freeman
6 March 2012 07:06

nice one Sam,

jon flores: 2011-09-14 , (Release Date)
[[ ]]

HELOpg: 2011-01-20 , Uploaded to youtube on Jan 28, 2011
[[ ]]

since yesterday the link to ‘deep soul’ on our video on youtube has been removed.