HELOpg at NoiseFloor Festival

where :
Stafford University, Staffordshire

when :
Friday 14th January 2011, 1.30pm


HELOpg perform at the NoiseFloor Festival, hosted at Stafford University. Expect some classic HELOpg laptop improvisation integrated with the NoiseFloor multi-speaker sound system.


Samuel Birkhead
Julian Brooks
Sam Freeman
Scott Hewitt
Adam Jansch


HELOpg at NoiseFloor festival, first improvisation (14’32) download (mp3 21.6MB).
HELOpg at NoiseFloor festival, second improvisation (8’40) download (mp3 12.7MB).
HELOpg at NoiseFloor festival, third improvisation (5’43) download (mp3 8.2MB).








HELOpg with added Monotron

where :
Byram Arcade, Westgate, Huddersfield

when :
Thursday 16 December 2010, 7–8pm(ish)

what :
six people with amplifiers, spread about the balcony; four laptops; three monotrons

why :
Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra, in the guise of HELO-pg, were invited by a shop keeper at the arcade to inject some experimental sound exploration into the seasonal extended opening times merriment of the shopping arcade. The addition of a korg monotron ensemble to the mix makes life that little bit more exciting…


Silicon Rheino II

The Chill Zone, John Dalton Building, MMU, Oxford Rd, Manchester, UK – 24th October 3pm

HELOpg are guest of The Manchester Laptop Orchestra, performing within the MLO workshop piece. Part of The Manchester Science Week.

HELOpg Players

Graham Booth

Sam Freeman

Scott Hewitt


Thearchy Sans Serif

by Samuel Freeman

in Code Prime

by Scott Hewitt

Dorian Decomposition

by James O’Shea

ii Gig 2 HELO @ Sleepers

Tuesday 19th January, 2010 – 8pm – Sleepers Huddersfield, HD1 5DL, UK

HELO, HELO.pg, Monty Adkins and supporting acts offer an evening of laptop performance and experimentation.

Performance Note

Delivered though a stereo rig the HELO.pg players look to improvise a detailed sound scape through ensemble playing and control.