Human Seeking Event

8pm May 25th 2012, Kro Bar Manchester, UK

HELOpg performs shares a billing with Richard Knight, Takahashi’s Shellfish Concern, Kate Freeborough and Danishta Rivero. With talks from artists and Q and A’s.

And this will be the first HELOpg performance after the album is launched.

Telematic Music: Hug the World

It’s ten days now since 1 May 2012, and about time for reflection on the Hug The World telematic music performance which was part of the 11th Deep Wireless Festival.

(edit: it’s almost 2 years later and the links above seem dead now, but info can be found on the Concordia University website)

This performance involved sending and receiving audio, via internet connections, to people performing at different locations around the world.  HELOpg were at the University of Huddersfield and joined in during the first hour or two of what was to be a six hour jam session.

HELOpg Hug the World (1 May 2012)